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Active Local Pages

ALP licensing

ALP version 1.1 and later is distributed in a single version. You do not need to download separate copy - use the ALP packages from the public ALP site. We are continuing to supply credentials to this area for all the DEVELOPER license holders in case this policy changes in future.

newObjects IE ScriptBar

This product is often bought in volumes. The download packages for each separate license are accessible through your account. You must log on and select package for download on the next step.

ASP Compiler

ASP Compiler download area. If you have an ASPC license you need to download a copy of the product from this site, because the demo version on the public site would not accept any serial number. n
ewObjects Active Label ActiveX/Browser license keys
Click the link and log on to your account. Then using the Machine ID generated on your computer you can generate a license key (see the instructions on the pages after logging on)

VarParser ISAPI filter

Download the full version here


Hash ActiveX Objects

( Authenticate with the username and password sent to you in response to the purchase order. The link above is direct download.


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