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ASP Compiler 1.0 build 22
full package. (zip 634k)
(last updated 04/25/2002)

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aspc.exe (60k) - compiler command line invocation tool (see description)..

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Use the link in left to download the full version of the ASP Complier. There is no need to uninstall the demo, but make sure it is not running in order to prevent restart.

When installed start ASPCompiler IDE from start menu. Do not create project, just go to the help menu and choose "Serial number". Enter the serial number here - no need to restart the program. Warning full version will not work without serial number!


If upgrading from earlier build there is no need to set the serial number - it always exists in the system registry - just install the new version. And of course to prevent problems and restarts stop all the running instances before installing.


01 April 2002 a minor update to aspc.js file only. Adds handling for the Option Explicit. ASPC does not need it but issues errors if the option if found. With the update the option is ignored. 

07 April 2002 command line invocation tool added (aspc.exe). To use it place in directory specified in the PATH or the system directory. Location is not important, therefore choose the location convenient for you. Start it without parameters to see the usage help (or click here). This tool will be officially packaged with the ASP Compiler in the next version.

25 April 2002 defs.cfg (parsers configuration) and aspc.js were updated to support ByRef, ByVal and Step keywords and hexdecimal constants. Special thanks to Suresh Rasakulasuriar!

More information and article central will be placed soon.

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